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The Cline Company is an Edmonds- based full service Design-Build & Interior Design firm. 

Founded to offer a luxury, in-house construction & design experience to our clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our work pulls from the beauty of the natural landscape, timeless style and personality of our clients. 


The level of thoroughness and professionalism that The Cline Company offers is unparalleled. From the moment we were in contact, they were incredibly communicative about their plans, needs, schedule changes, and all-around updates.


75 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Our Principals

Tami Cline | The Cline Company
Brad Cline | The Cline Company
Emily Cline | The Cline Company

Tami Cline

Principal, Lead Designer & Project Manager

"I believe homes should be livable and luxurious. Our designs always begin with understanding what brings our clients joy and function. As well as, understanding clients' long term plans for their home in order to guide responsible design choices. The spaces we create capture the essence of our client's heart, family and ability for their homes to grow and shift as they do... oh, and we like to have a lot of fun along the way!"

Brad Cline

Principal, Construction Project Manager

"Every construction project comes with many choices, challenges, and new experiences for our clients. Our goal is to lead with ease through each phase of every project with transparency, detail, and high-level problem solving. Our team and subs are experts at what we do and we pride ourselves in building what our clients' love."

Emily Cline

Principal, Business Development & Client Success Partner

"I believe we are only as successful as our most challenging project. My goal is to continually guide our team in the office and the field to more efficient, collaborative and industry leading processes and solutions. I take great pride in our team and clients' success while continually seeking new opportunities as a company."

Frequently Asked Questions

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